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August the 3rd - a late night gibberish

Sometimes, you realize that is to live, is to let go, it’s to accept, to embrace the inevitable flow of time. It demands acknowledging that certain moments, like the tender touch of a beloved, the joyous laughter shared with old comrades, the cherished days of family unity. These precious fragments of existence slip through our grasp, never to be recaptured.

We must come to terms with the fact that our first love, so peculiar and full of teenage wonder, has concluded, never to be relived. Our once-familiar hometown has transformed into a distant destination, while friends have become distant acquaintances, and the world around us undergoes cruel change, never to revert to its former self. The experiences that once awed us, like the excitement of composing our first line of code, the joy of receiving our first job offer, or the nervousness of embarking on that first day of school, are now but memories etched in our souls, leaving behind their imprints, a bruise.

Amidst the shifting sands of time, all we are left with is the power to remember. قفا نبك، قفا نبك من ذكرى حبيبٍ ومنزلِ