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Friday the 20th of January 2023

Reflections, Marcus Aurelius wrote Mediations so I guess I will be writing my own version of it, sometimes. One day a historian will come across these writings and will say “This man was a fucking genius” or either “He was a real loser”, but what I really care about, is just nothing, and that’s a fundamental part of the way I love currently, I just don’t care, about anything.

Here I’m, 20 hours away from my final physics exam, I already wasted the past 36 hours on nothing, but do I care? Nope. Do I regret anything? Nope. I’m a vessel, and let life winds get me anywhere, I will enjoy whichever shores I end up at. Will that be my own philosophy for a long time? Or it’s just a coping mechanism to deal with an expected upcoming academic disaster? I think it’s more of the later, I mean what ever the shit that happens I should deal, and deal firmly with it, and that’s what I will do. It doesn’t matter, I will end up graduating anyway, and I will end up getting some job that pays me enough to buy food and pay for my internet subscription, and beside these, why would a man ask for more? This semester was a total loss, a failure if you look for it from a purely academic perspective, but at least I got some of my shit together, life is so generous that it gave my other 9 semesters to write this loss off, and I think I will take advantage of them, or maybe I won’t! Let just these 20 hours pass, because I really need a break from these hassles.